(Video) Arsenal fans’ lazy attempt at an anti Tottenham chant last night shows the power shift in North London

There have been telltale signs of Tottenham Hotspur’s ascendancy in North London over the past few seasons with the team putting in a run of very impressive performances year after year while their North London counterparts Arsenal failed to build on their regular top four finishes.

The current season though stand to truly signify the massive transformation that Spurs have achieved with Pochettino’s men guaranteed to finish above Arsenal for the first time in 20 long years.

This apparent power shift has not gone un-noticed on part of both clubs’ fan-base and more so among the Arsenal support. This is best evidenced from the apparent lack of enthusiasm during one of the anti-Tottenham chants sung at Arsenal’s match against Sunderland.

Check out the fan footage of the lazt chanting below –

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