(Video) Darren Farley takes the mickey out of Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers’ story about meeting a Rangers fan

The Celtic-Rangers rivalry is undoubtedly one of the fiercest rivalries in football. While Celtic have dominated over their Glasgow rivals in recent seasons, the rivalry remains as fierce as ever.

As such it came as surprise to many when current Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers claimed that a Gers fan approached him in April saying his thanks to Rodgers.

The story was widely ridiculed by both sets of fans with many finding it incredulous. A month forward now and comedian Darren Farley in his latest impersonation video took the mickey out of Brendan Rodgers with regards to his story.

Impersonating Rodgers in the video, Farley goes on to tell incredulous stories of how every Rangers fan love him in Glasgow and the episode makes for a rather hilarious watch.

Check it out below –

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