Instagram pictures of Max Allegri’s daughter might turn the staunchest of ‘Wenger In’ Arsenal fans into WOBs

The debate between Arsene Wenger’s proponents and opponents is as old as it gets, and the way this season has gone is only going to escalate tensions further.

But technical and logical arguments aside, there just might be something that supporters of the Wenger Out faction could use to score over their counterparts, especially Massimiliano Allegri.

The Juventus boss’ daughter Valentina, who is known for her stunning Instagram posts, could probably instill doubts in the minds of the most hardcore of Wenger In supporters.

Allegri has been touted as the front-runner for Wenger’s job next season, although the latter refused to divulge on the question of whether this weekend’s match against Everton will be his last in charge for Arsenal.

Check out some of the pictures of Max Allegri’s daughter below –

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