Pic: Sky Sports again showing their bias against Tottenham after leaving out Pochettino from their manager montages

There are no two opinions on the fact that a major chunk of credit of Tottenham’s success this season goes to Mauricio Pochettino.

Spurs, led by the Argentine manager, held on to the second position behind champions Chelsea and were the only other credible contenders to the Premier League title this season.

Where many other great managers faltered, Pochettino ably helped his side keep Chelsea on their feet right till the last game and he deserves accolades for the same.

Sky Sports, on the other hand, probably disagrees. The channel has snubbed Pochettino previously while showing managers’ faces on their montages, and the exact same thing happened in the build up to the last week of the season.

Check out a screengrab of the snub, via @wildy412, below –

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        1. Absolutely right. I’m a Spurs fan but can see the headlines today are about those still playing for a CL place (we can relax). Also we’ve been on Sky almost every week recently.
          The whole premise of this idea Sky are anti Spurs doesn’t make sense and the person who wrote this is paranoid

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  1. Nothing to worry about ???
    The montage says it all, irrespective of who supports Spurs. We are not worried, just feel that we don’t get the credit we deserve. Is Mourinho, Wenger. Klopp or Guardiola better then MP not on this or last years reckoning .. nothing else to say

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    1. I’d argue MP is better than Conte too – the difference in wage bills and budget to work with is vast. Mr Conte uses experienced proven players while MP gets players with potential and makes the players into the great players that they are now. Some examples:
      Fans were screaming for Rose to be sold before MP came along. This also applies to Walker. They are now head and shoulder above other fullbacks in the PL.
      Dier to DM created a possible future England captain.
      Winks slotting in and looking so poised and full of potential.
      Dembele…. he was lucky to get a run and there was serious talk he should go before MP. Now he’s indispensable.

      Mr Conte is obviously good at buying the right players to suit his tactics but I’m not convinced he improves the players.

      Hats off to MP.

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  2. Lets think this through.
    Who owns sky = Rupert Murdoch
    Who owns Spurs = Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis Both Jewish
    What is Rupert Murdoch’s opinion of Jews = negative on more than one occasion he has used anti-semitic rhetoric.
    Is the reason Sky don’t like spurs have anything to do with Murdoch’s personal opinions?
    Make your own minds up.

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    1. why concern yourselves with this fraternity of lunatics just don’t watch’em or sky, you only have to see what’s presented in front of us, ex gooners left right and bloody centre, does anyone here expect them to blow a kiss our way anytime in future or give our club and people who worked tirelessly to where we are now…not likely, sky will go into the annals of histories gutter and tottenham will continue for ever.coys.

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  3. I come from North London and chose to support Spurs coz that’s where I was born. I’m glad I never chose Arsenal because their fans hate everything including their manager, their team when they fuck up. It really is a shame Wenger won’t spend any of the money he brings into the club each year because if he was more like Mourhino I think they would like him more. They call Jose a great manager but what club has he managed that doesn’t have money. I’d say he is a great spender rather than a great manager. He doesn’t really have to work that hard now does he? Conte has done brilliantly for Chelsea but Jose was their before him and left most of the stars but without Hazard they would not have won the title. Pep I think held his own for a first season but we will see what he does next season. Poch has done better than expected yet again but like you say Spurs hardly get any credit. Look at their stats and you will see how well they have done plus they play the best football except for one game the West Ham away game. They were terrible and as usual West Ham played above themselves but well done to them. I think they got more praise for that game than Spurs got for the whole of the season…

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  4. In what context was the collage presented?
    Whilst I totally agree that the media shows a bias against Spurs, are they so blatant as showing the top 6 managers without MP?

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