(Video) The spine chilling moment a Celtic fan in skull mask emerged from the tifo during Hearts win

For a club that had already mathematically won the league weeks ago, Celtic fought even on the last day of the season and won 2-0 against Hearts.

While they lifted the Premiership trophy shortly after the final whistle, Brendan Rodgers’ men became the first Scottish team to complete a top-flight season unbeaten in 118 years.

Celebrations were in order and the fans did just that with the beautiful full stadium display. But the Green Brigade took it one step further when a fan in skull mask holding couple of flares emerged from behind the tifo in the standing section.

Check out a snippet of the unreal scenes below –

7 Replies to “(Video) The spine chilling moment a Celtic fan in skull mask emerged from the tifo during Hearts win”

    1. Fuck off and never go to a football game again you little wanker. People like you are not welcome at any stadium (except perhaps down in the Premiership!)

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  1. I thought it was amazing I love our green brigade. Thank you bhoys you always make me smile coz you bring the noise and passion every single time thought the mask was entertaining, others r entitled to their opinions but imo they need to lighten up. GG&W HH ☘️

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  2. Hail hail as long as it’s safely managed, no harm done. It’s not like they were lobbed at players or fans so let’s not make an issue of it unless something bad happened as a result. The zombies throw missiles at players, invade the pitch for a square go only to take a back seat once they reach the players and shout n chant with racist and pure hatred. The masked phantom of the invincibles party was not causing trouble or endangering others so hail hail. Mon the Hoops!

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