“Left us in a better place” – Leeds fan acknowledge Massimo Cellino’s work despite all the shortcomings (Tweets)

An era of sorts came to an end when Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani completed the takeover of ownership of Leeds United from Massimo Cellino earlier today.

Radrizzani, who had been the owner of 50 percent stake in the club since January this year, bought the remaining half from Cellino and became the chairman of Leeds United with immediate effect.

“If you can survive working with me, you can survive anything!” was the message to fans by Cellino, whose turbulent three-year reign at the club was marred by events like an FA ban for breaching agent regulations, tax-related issues, and his incessant habit of firing managers which saw 7 changes during his tenure.

Leeds United fans took to social media and despite all the shortcomings, acknowledged the fact that Massimo is leaving the club in a much better shape than he found it.

The fans responded to their ex-chairman with thankful messages expressing gratitude, some of which can be read below –


3 Replies to ““Left us in a better place” – Leeds fan acknowledge Massimo Cellino’s work despite all the shortcomings (Tweets)”

  1. Thank you Mr Cellino, you rescued our beloved club from disaster, left us on a very sure footing. All the anger, frustration, demonstrations by some of the fans against you & your family should not have happened. We love you & your family, God bless you.

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  2. A big thankyou has to go to Mr Cellino, it took a lot of courage to take Leeds on from those wonderful people from gfh????? Gfh were in it for what they could get!!!
    Some of the things Mr Cellino did in his time beggered belief but he saved us big time!
    Now lets go forward with optimism and hope that Garry Monk is the man to do it!!!

    M O T !!!

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