Pics: Gini Wijnaldum showing he’s a good egg after randomly gifting a pair of £300 worth boots to a Liverpool fan

Whilst not being a player in the ilk of the superstars such as Coutinho and Firmino, Gini Wijnaldum has had a fairly impressive first season at Liverpool.

The Dutch midfielder despite often being overshadowed by his more flashy team-mates has been something of an unsung hero in the Liverpool midfield.

His latest actions though may just once and for all truly endear him to the Kop faithful. The 26 year old recently made news when reports emerged that he had bought an 11 year old Liverpool fan a pair of Adidas PureControl boots after coming across the little fan in an Adidas store.

The boots are reportedly said to have around a cool £300 price tag. Needless to say, Louise Mackessy, the 11 year old is the envy of all Liverpool fans now.

Check out the pictures below –

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