Pic: Even Arsenal kit sponsors Puma took shots at Spurs after the FA Cup win at Wembley

It was just until last week that many Arsenal fans were up in arms against the club, its manager and the players following a less than impressive Premier League season that saw the Gunners crash out of European football with the fifth spot on the table.

But perceptions changed for good when Arsene Wenger’s men defeated Chelsea to win their record thirteenth FA Cup trophy this weekend.

And the 2-1 entertaining victory is not the only reason fans will remember the night. When Arsenal’s official Twitter account tweeted a video following their win, kit sponsors Puma were quick to point out that it all happened at rivals Tottenham’s own home for the next season, the Wembley Stadium.

Check out Puma’s sly reply below –

6 Replies to “Pic: Even Arsenal kit sponsors Puma took shots at Spurs after the FA Cup win at Wembley”

  1. It’s not the first time Puma have come out with classless comments about us, sums them up really! who buys puma merchandise anyway? and poor judgement considering they won’t be there sponsors forever and might one day try to bid to sponsor making our kits etc! it’s obviously come from a Woolwich fan who works for them but it makes you wonder how they get away with it? poor mans Adidas/Nike in my eyes and now an unprofessional reputation to boot, total classless brand, Woolwich and Puma a match made in heaven!

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  2. It is not correct..it should have read… and on their temporary new home ground. The new home ground, as we all know, hasn’t been built yet.
    Puma? I thought Puma was the old Ford car I drive about in.

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