Pic: Just look at the company Tottenham find themselves in when it comes to the best defence in Europe this season

No football fan will contest the fact that Tottenham Hotspur have outdone themselves this season. Although they could not manage to win any silverware, the team did show the calibre needed to keep league leaders Chelsea on their feet for a large part of the season.

Not only did Pochettino’s boys perform very well up top, but they were a formidable force back as defenders as well.

In fact, Spurs conceded the least number of goals (26) among England’s best clubs this season, which, on a continental level, proves that they conceded the least number of goals per game (0.68) amongst Europe’s top-five leagues, just below German giants Bayern Munich and above the likes of defensive juggernauts in Juventus and Atletico Madrid!

Tottenham fans would love the company they find themselves in this brilliant graphic below –

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