(Video) Quite lame how Rob Holding mocked Tottenham players’ celebrations and then did the same after the FA Cup win

In today’s digital age that prevents the world from forgetting all events that try to slip into history, one must be careful to not do anything worth being remembered for notorious reasons.

And the latest offender guilty for violation of this cardinal rule seems to be Arsenal star Rob Holding.

The defender had recently joined captain Per Mertesacker in mocking Tottenham players for their bizarre handshake celebrations after scoring a goal.

But soon thereafter, Holding was caught on camera celebrating the exact same way with team-mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during the Gunners’ recent FA Cup win against Chelsea last week.

Tottenham fans can find all the evidence they need to get back to Gooners below –

9 Replies to “(Video) Quite lame how Rob Holding mocked Tottenham players’ celebrations and then did the same after the FA Cup win”

  1. Well, whoever wrote this article clearly needs an extra braincell.
    Holding was MOCKING the Tottenham celebrations with Chamberlain. It was clearly a ‘Look At Us, We Do It Too’ piss-take, which is why they both eyed the camera knowing it was being filmed.

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    1. happy to remind you as you appear to dumb to understand. Tottenham were celebrating being part of Europe’s elite and enjoying the fact that the Woolwich lot will be turning out on Thursday nights.

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  2. Every month I go to a meeting after which an Arse supporter would make the same LAME joke about Spurs playing in Uzbekistan on a Thursday evening. Now Arse will be playing on a Thursday evening in Uzbekistan (where their owner originates) and suddenly the Arse supporter doesn’t want to talk to me any more. When they were winning, Arse supporters want to be joking ALL the time; now they suddenly find all this kind of joking crude and unfunny. And Spurs were a team he always called ‘a cup team’, and now THEY are …….. and THAT is funny. So, do as many funny jokes as you like, you’ll still be in Uzbekistan on Thursday …..

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