PES 2017 gives a possible sneak peek into Tottenham’s new home kit for next season from Nike (Image)

With the amount of detailing that goes into today’s football video games, it’s not surprising that they give a virtual representation of real life football.

To highlight the influence that video games have, just take the example of Michy Batshuayi being involved in a friendly banter with EA Sports over his ratings in FIFA 17. EA finally had to concede defeat to prevent one of its ‘valued customers’ from defecting to Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer.

To have that overall edge, both EA Sports and Konami try to outdo the other in every aspect – be it gameplay, graphics or factual accuracy.

To avail the latter point, they often make sure that they have access to behind-the-scene views at all clubs and as a result, sometimes fans too get a sneak peek.

PES 2017 might have just shown Tottenham Hotspurs’ 2017/18 home kit and it looks impressive to say the least. Not official yet but Tottenham are all set to switch over to Nike as their official kit manufacturer next season after a 5 year association with US-based Under Armour.

The kit looks simple but functional, as is the case with all Nike kits. However, that seems to have worked out for Manchester City, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t for Spurs as well. Check out the kit below –

What are your thoughts on it? Do leave your comments.

7 Replies to “PES 2017 gives a possible sneak peek into Tottenham’s new home kit for next season from Nike (Image)”

  1. Having no red on it will instantly make it a favourite but I can’t see how it wont have red AIA on it as that is the colour they use for their letters AND red is a lucky colour for the Chinese… it makes sense to have it from a marketing point at least, I don’t know a single supporter that likes red on a spurs shirt.
    If the red is on it I will hate the kit, I don’t like Nike kits and I don’t like the blue in use, it’s not dark enough for Spurs. This is closer to royal blue than the navy blue that has always accompanied our lily white.
    Hopefully we can go back to Umbro or Adidas kits soon.

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