Rangers new acquisition gets the seal of approval from the best footballer on the planet

In today’s digital age, it is no wonder that celebrities are closely followed on social media and in some cases, even dangerously stalked. Same goes for footballers, they are scrutinized over every move, with appreciative and criticizing comments a part of their daily lives. It seems like there is no middle ground in football anymore.

Bruno Alves’ transfer to Rangers FC and his newly acquired ‘cult hero’ status among the Glasgow club has suddenly got all of the footballing world interested in the story.

Especially after Alves’ compatriot in superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who possesses a whopping 104 million followers, ‘liked’ a photo of the Rangers new man celebrating his latest affiliation on Instagram.

Bruno Alves with his club and individual titles will bring a much needed experience factor and winner’s mentality to the Rangers team. Their UCL qualifier match with Parma FC was the stuff of legends for the purists.

Maybe Alves’ signing will catapult the club back to that level. Atleast that’s what Rangers fans will have you believe.

Check out the proof of the activity from Ronaldo below –

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