(Video) Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher caught chanting the Man Utd anthem post Carrick testimonial

Showing camaraderie with a former colleague from the national team during his farewell game is one thing, but chanting your bitter enemy’s anthem is purely blasphemous.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was guilty of committing that sin during Manchester United veteran Michael Carrick’s testimonial match at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Carragher starred in Harry Redknapp-led Carrick’s All Stars in the game that ended in a 2-2 draw with Manchester United’s 2008 Champions League winning side managed by Sir Alex Ferguson.

One thrilling moment during the game involved Carragher absolutely wiping away arch rival Gary Neville with a brutal tackle along the flank.

But while Liverpool fans would have absolutely loved watching that, they would certainly not forgive their legend for chanting “GGMU” before the whole stadium.

Not sure in what context it took place but it’s unpardonable in any case. Watch the incident below –

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