West Ham man spotted live streaming the Champions League final along with the ‘Geezer’ (Photo)

The post-season break is usually dull for football aficionados. With most of their favourite footballers heading off on break or being busy with their international commitments, there is nothing much happening in club football, except maybe one or two cup finals.

The UEFA Champions League finals took place last Saturday, and needless to say, millions of people have watched Real Madrid become the first team to retain the Champions League title since the format change by UEFA. Footballers are fans too and it is obvious that a lot of them would have tuned in to the biggest game in club football.

Chelsea center back David Luiz aka The Geezer was at the Dubai airport en route to Australia where Brazil take on their fierce rivals Argentina in what promises to be a feisty friendly.

But surprisingly, David Luiz was joined by none other than West Ham play-maker Manuel Lanzini. Who knew that the Brazilian and the Argentine were such close pals?

Though Hammers fans all be hoping that this encounter did not involve anything resembling the word ‘transfer’.

Check out the photo below –

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