Europa League official tweets about Arsenal and Gooners’ responses are absolutely hilarious

Arsenal have competed in every season of the UEFA Champions League for the past 20 years, so it was a shocker for the fans when they finished with a position that ensures no Champions League participation.

A lot of people, especially the fan themselves saw it coming though. Arsenal’s flawed transfer policies and their reluctance to spend big have left them reeling in their own mediocrity and Gooners’ proclaimed Premier League contenders have now lost the one thing they could regularly boast of: UCL participation.

With a number of Arsenal superstars rumored to leave the club’s ranks, the board face an uphill task in convincing Sanchez and Co. to stay with only Europa League football on the cards.

One positive for the upcoming season had been the signing of Sead Kolasinac from Schalke on a free transfer, however, that too has been soured by the announcement from UEFA Europa League’s twitter handle which reconfirmed the transfer.

Arsenal fans were visibly upset and embarrassed at this tweet which reminded them of the upcoming season without the Champions League.

Arsenal fans will surely be hoping that their stay in the Europa League doesn’t exceed a season. Check out the original tweet and the subsequent funny responses from the fans below:

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