Things just got real as Tottenham fans’ Thomas Lemar propaganda gets support from a Monaco first teamer

In this day and age when the presence of social media extends to almost every facet of one’s life, even something as simple as a ‘like’ can to drastic conclusions.

But in the case of Thomas Lemar, there is a very plausible justification for this happening. Rumours of the Monaco star making his way to Tottenham this summer grew louder when his team-mate dropped a subtle but very effective hint of it happening soon.

After an Instagram user posted a picture of Lemar photoshopped in a Tottenham shirt accompanied with the caption indicating his transfer to the club, Monaco defender Djibril Sidibe was immediately caught ‘liking’ it using his official verified account.

The talented 21-year old winger has drawn a lot of attention from clubs all across Europe, and while official confirmation from Tottenham is still awaited, Spurs fans will just have to make do with this screenshot of Sidibe dropping his hint below –

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