Pic: Leeds hero Rob Green rocks up to Isle of Wight Festival wearing a Danger Mouse costume

After much-deserved summer breaks following long and tiring seasons footballers are usually seen holidaying with their families in exotic countries, preferably those with elegant beaches. But Rob Green has always been a different breed.

The Leeds goalkeeper was spotted partying at the Isle of Wight Festival dressed as 1980’s hero Danger Mouse, all complete with giant ears, white hat and the iconic eye patch that the cartoon was famous for.

Green was not the only former member of the English national team to be having a great time, as Stoke City striker Peter Crouch was also found partying hard with fans, albeit without dressing in fancy costumes.

Leeds United will need their shot-stopper to be in the same spirits when they will try and have another shot at gaining promotion to the Premier League next season, but surely not in the gloves he has been seen wearing in the pictures below –

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