The ruthless domination of the latest CIES report shows what a monster Tottenham have been this season

For two seasons now, a Mauricio Pochettino led Tottenham side has mounted a serious title challenge like no one else. Hence, it was no surprise that a horde of Spurs personnel made their mark as some of the most valuable players all across Europe.

Football think-tank CIES Football Observatory’s research team recently used their algorithm to come up a list of top 25 players from the five biggest European football leagues and marked them in descending order of their transfer value estimates.

While the likes of Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Antonio Griezmann, amongst others, are ranked right at the top, it is Tottenham players who largely represent English teams in the list. In fact, with 4 players Spurs have more players than any other side in the list.

Dele Alli with a value of £136 million ranks second on the list of 25 players, just above team-mate Harry Kane who is said to be worth £135 million. The fact that Alli, Kane and Christian Eriksen together cost almost £350 million shows the extent of value that Spurs players are worth.

Check out full list below –

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