Pics: Meet the stunning new addition to Man Utd WAGs FC fans are going crazy over

There will be many staunch Manchester United supporters who will list out dozens of reasons justifying how huge the signing of Benfica defender Victor Lindelof will be for the club. But there will also be many others who will need just one.

United on Saturday announced that they had reached an agreement with Lindelof’s club for his transfer for a deal that is expected to cost in the ballpark of £35 million.

Lindelof will bring with him to Old Trafford immense talent laden with over five years of experience in the top-flight of club and international football. What he will also be brining along to England will be his stunning girlfriend Maja Nilsson as the latest addition to WAGs there.

Nilsson writes for a Swedish blog called Femme and is also pursuing a career in marketing. Although United will have to wait longer to get a glimpse of their latest players, here are some pictures of his girlfriend –

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