Girlfriend of a Chelsea fan reveals the problems in her life because of the ongoing Antonio Conte mess

Ask Chelsea fans about the stories they will narrate to their grandchildren someday and most of them will mention the magical spectacle that 2016-17 was.

The club made its way up from a miserable previous season to become the champions of England in a manner that can only be described as historic. And the fact that all of this happened over the course of just one season shall prompt fans to give most of the credit to Antonio Conte.

The Italian has been responsible for completely overhauling the club not only in terms of its winning mentality but also in the kind of footballing culture he has instilled amongst his players.

It is precisely for this reason that Conte saw unwavering support from fans when he recently faced problems relating to contract extension with the Board for his handling of transfers.

In fact, support has been so staunch that one fan even suggested the possibility of his girlfriend leaving if that keeps Conte at the club.

Check out the poor lady describing her predicament below –

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