Pic: Manchester Day Festival attendee spotted wearing a City shirt with a Man Utd star’s name on the back

The annual Manchester Day parade that draws thousands of people aims to promote the spirit of brotherhood, community and camaraderie. But one attendee in this year’s parade perhaps has a skewed understanding of these emotions.

Of the 100,000 people who had gathered on the streets of Manchester to celebrate the city, there was one who was dressed in a Man City shirt, with none other than United star midfielder Paul Pogba’s name written behind.

Amused people took pictures of the delusional man and some even must have asked him to correct his mistake. But the man could not have been all that wrong had things played out differently last year.

It has been revealed that before United pulled off the most expensive transfer in the history of the game, City’s Yaya Toure had tried to convince Pogba to ditch his former club and join their arch rivals instead.

Via @Dale_MUFC, check out a City fan who also idolizes Pogba below –

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