City got trolled hard at the Etihad by a Man Utd fan during the Take That gig last week (Video)

What happens when an Etihad Stadium jam packed with people witnesses a lead singer on the stage making the crowd erupt by flashing a Manchester UNITED shirt? Absolute mayhem, that’s what happens.

Popular musician Howard Donald did exactly that during the Take That gig that was hosted by the Etihad on Sunday night.

“I want to test out the football crowds, are you ready? Any Manchester City fans?” asked Donald amidst a loud response of boos and cheers from the crowd. But if there was any indication of balance between the reactions, they were all put to rest when the singer pulled off his jacket to proudly reveal a red United shirt underneath.

Donald’s band-mates Gary Barlow and Mark Owen could only laugh and shake their heads in disbelief, with the latter even going to the extent of distancing themselves from Donald by stating, “You didn’t check that with us! You kept that to yourself!”

Watch how the event unfolded below –

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