Report claiming that new Liverpool signing Mohamed Salah could be an Olympic sprinter emerges online

Ask any striker to name some of his best friends that helped him become successful, and he will surely not fail to mention speed and agility. The game is replete with players who entertain crowds with their ability to run at breakneck speeds.

And while most players are fast enough to dazzle their opponents by using their pace to score thundering goals, Mohamed Salah is so fast that he is fit to be an Olympic runner as well.

A report on Bein Sports revealed that the AS Roma striker has, in previous instances, clocked insane speeds of 100 meters in 10 seconds, which ranks in close proximity of sprinting legends like Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin.

The report also points out that by running on football pitches that are very difficult to cover, Salah’s speed deserves a special mention. Check out what Liverpool fans could get to see at Anfield in a few weeks –

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