Pic: Rangers fans are hoping this orange shirt doing the rounds online is their away kit for next season

While the last few weeks for Rangers have seen hectic transfer negotiations mostly involving incoming players, the current one will see them kick off their European campaign with a qualifier clash against Progres Niederkorn on Thursday.

At the backdrop of all this excitement, what has gone largely unnoticed are their kits for the next season.

Since it was reported that the club will continue using their 2016-17 home kits for the upcoming season as well, fans had been eagerly looking forward to see what their away shirts will look like.

And it looks like the wait might finally be over, as an image of an orange shirt that Rangers might use for away games next season has started doing the rounds lately.

Check out the photo below –

7 Replies to “Pic: Rangers fans are hoping this orange shirt doing the rounds online is their away kit for next season”

  1. New Oranje Football Top is sooo Fitting For Sevco(HONKING)See Sevco are complaining about there RainJurz Badge on the UEFA Site.Coz its not the Oldco Ready Badge.Oldco were Liquidated.Just like Chuckles Greene had stated,Sevco Rangers had never played in the SPL before.Yet still the Propaganda Hunzine is in full swing.HWG10IAR….HH….Oldco Cheated Lied done just about Anything and Everything to try and Better the Mighty Celtic.Oldco Died Trying.Sevco Tribute Act…SCOTLANDS SHAME!!!!!!!!

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  2. The colour ofor the shirt shouldn’t matter it’s what you do on the pitch that counts celtic were close to bankruptcy when their saviour ferg us mcann saved them as for the rest of Scottish football they need to have a long hard look at them selves as they are condoning bullying yes we made mistakes in the past we have paid for them but so has scottish football . The rest ofor Scottish didn’t have the financial clout so they were more restraint in their dealings hense they aren’t able to challenge celtic . And as a direct result they think they are invincible no team is invincible they are just plane arrogant just like the pundits who think they are better than anyone else .rangers have brought quality players in from the Latin Quarter. Because bigots in this country don’t want to deal with us so they make it difficult or expensive that .it’s not worth our while pursuing it two names spring to mind Jamie walker /and Kenny McLean

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    1. DELUSIONAL and Suffering from a severe dose of Sevcosis……..Celtic didnt get LIQUIDATED!!!!But You lot need yer DelusionZzz to get thru the pain of What yer Stinking Club has done to Scottish Football.Every Club has been cheated by RainJurZzz….Long May You Lot SUFFER!!!

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  3. with smelsick signing hayes from Aberdeen Rangers must be really scared about them.what a player Scott Brown is,what skill,he’s like a poor mans neil lennon.


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  4. Although Celtic havent been busy in the transfer market,Other than Hayes and Benyu.Our Team is more than capable of Winning Everything in Scotland,Again……Realistically Sevco have yet to Even win there 1st Premier League Title.But without a Doubt the GulliBillies and the Media pump out this Utter BS about GoinFor55.Each and Everyone of the Hun Base Have very very Short memories.I aswell as every other decent honest person knows and read in the papers at the time,140 years of history Gone.Naismith and Whittaker signed for Oldco Rangers thats why they didnt stay at Sevco(Different Club)I dare say if Sevco had Been Honest and Transparent from day One.They wouldnt be So Unliked……Sevco Only Have 5 Years of History……FACT!!

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  5. Hi
    A sad day for Scottish football is brightened by this very bright Oranje top which harks back to the delusion and bile of a discredited tradition .WATP indeed ,if so why do the court’s say “yer no, you lied” and cheated. Why do you have to tag your home to remind yourself and Everybody else that your are Special .Why do green fitba boots cause a reaction similar to a vampire seeing a garlic bulb ,some water and a religious emblem .Go on have your Oranje top ,your songs, your delusional references just keep them for the lodge sensible folk including many gers fan hopefully now know that we won’t be fooled or disheartened again

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