Pic: Ticinonews journo drops a huge news re Ezgjan Alioski while replying to a Leeds fan on Twitter

Little did the Leeds Fans know, a journalist would drop such a big hint about their transfer prospect Ezgjan Alioski, in the comments section of a pre-season training session video. The comment has taken Twitter users with a buzz, and gathered various reactions worldwide.

The possibility of the Macedonian footballer joining the squad looks to be an all time high after a journo working for Switzerland based news outlet Ticinonews confirmed the same while replying to a Leeds fan on Twitter.

The exhilaration of the fans is quite justified as Alioski could prove to be the ideal winger who would just do the trick for them next season.

The 25-year-old footballer has this impeccable knack for versatility. He can serve the Leeds side as a winger, attacking midfielder or as a left back.

Have a look at the Twitter thread below:

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