Manchester United and Manchester City share a hostile crosstown rivalry` just like any other neighboring clubs. Specially the ones in recent times as the advent of new ownership has made City capable enough to hold a candle to their more glamorous rivals. However a recent stats suggest United’s fan following being infinitely bigger and better than their counterparts in blue.

One of the images below highlights the clubs’ Google searches across the globe. And suffice to say, the Red Devils are light years ahead of City. Only in Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Romania and the city of Monaco, are the people more interested in knowing about the blue half of Manchester. The rest of the globe familiarise with United instead.

The map speaks volumes about the popularity of Manchester United and their monumental fan base. Manchester City may boast staunch financial might, but it seems highly unlikely for them to ever assemble a fan following that United currently have.

Another comparison chart shows two pie carts depicting the number of followers of each clubs on various social media sites. Here too, the gap is way too much. United’s followers on the social media goes well beyond 100 million, whereas that of City is barely one third of it.

The images don’t just reflect on the vast difference in the popularity count between the sides, but also show how big a club United are.

Check out the pictures below –

  1. It will change. It’s a lagging indicator. Most of the kids in Manchester are City fans judging by the shirts. If you asked which is the fastest growing club in world football, it would be City.

  2. ??? One of these clubs have being spending big for decades, and winning the other not, change the millions to reflect time of success and the fans that attracts and only one club comes out on top. City’s first league win 2012 4.5m on twitter so 900k a year, Utd 1992 12m for 25 years of success less than 480k per season of success, it’s clear one is growing much faster than the other. Similar across the board.

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