From a team that used to hover around Europa League spots till the 2013-14 season, to a team that is now known for their fierce attack and has fully cemented their spot in the top 4, the Spurs story has the message of ‘hardwork pays off’ written all over it, and the fans should be mighty proud of it.

But like every good story, there’s a catch here too, and a Tottenham fan has hit all the write spots with his explanation about what the club’s biggest problem is at the moment – Transfers.

An ardent Spurs fan from the popular Spurs Community gave his two cents on the current situation, and you can do nothing but agree to what he has to say.

He mentions that he met a big PL personality recently, and they were talking about the spurs situation. The person explained that the issue with the club currently is the fact that players have been outperforming their wages massively for 2 to 3 years now, and this is putting pressure on the board to increase the wage bill.

Ideally, any player would want to be on a lower wage level for not more than a couple of years, and it’s because of this that Spurs may eventually lose on to some of their biggest assets, with Kyle Walker being one big example.

Also, because of the same reason, Spurs are now restricted to buying young talents who have potential but are unproven as they demand low wages. If the club buys a massive player with a hefty wage demand, the big wage discrimination may cause a dressing room mutiny.

Spurs fans will hope that irrespective of the club’s minimal involvement in the transfer window, they perform well next season. Check out the explanation in full below –

  1. What bullshit, you at a dinner with a respectable PL rep and decided not talk Tottenham rather he brought it up? What was you talking about? Our team? Your a mug trying to get hearsay a fact to boost you’re non career in bollox, I was at dinner only last night and Prince William said ‘sod Villa I’m a Spurs boy now’, nice to see you texted the whole converstation on your phone though cos thats real journalism, keep up the good work I’m impressed, a quick heads up I have it from a goood source that Wanyama’s out and we are signing ‘The Hulk’ as defensive mid, but he’ll have to be benched when he’s Bruce Banner!………..DICK!

  2. Levy set out his blueprint for Spurs around 2001/02. This was to become a club that could sustain success and growth by setting up the right infrastructure. Not an investor mad “buy the title” in year 1.
    He wanted to model us on the best of what other clubs did on the continent. In particular Ajax. This was to have a fabulous Academy, which produced a conveyor belt of young talent capable of winning top honours. It also was to sell 1-2 of the 27-28 year olds each summer for top money. This allowed you to get 5-6 good years out of your academy graduates and create room for new talent.
    Now since 2001 the market and finance has gone mental, and changed the dynamics to far greater extremes. Wages, purchase are multiplied by many times from then to now.
    For Spurs to succeed and win honours consistently, we must stick to the original vision. Selling Walker was obvious. Keeping Our best players is going to be hard, but doable.
    We are ahead of ourselves, not over achieving, but fast tracked achieving.
    Removing Sky monies, the value added income will be from success and marketing and larger Stadium. Bigger sponsorship follows bigger success. Etc etc.
    Within the next 10 years Spurs will compete on wages, will be a predominantly Academy fed squad and will challenge consistently for honours. All done by clever evolution. Not Czarist or Arabian trillions.
    Let’s be proud and enjoy this experience

  3. Danny Rose shed light on Spurs compensation structure some time ago. It is true, that Tottenham pay a lower salary than the other big clubs. Significantly less. But wages are not reflective of what players actually receive in full compensation. Spurs contracts are incentive filled. There are playing time incentives and team performance incentives. Team revenue from Champions League (and Europa League before that) is shared with players in the form of bonuses. These “performance” bonuses help bridge the gap for many players full compensation. Knowledge of this helps an outsider understand why so many Spurs players have signed these long-term contracts. Furthermore, it helps explain why Spurs are continually signing new contracts with their existing players in such short time periods. Kane signed 3 new contracts in something like a 16 month period. It was not just salary increases that were placed in these contracts. It was new incentives. That said, many players are simply not comfortable with this compensation system, especially if they are not meeting their expected performance bonuses. Many players (and agents) just want a guaranteed number. Spurs wage report only reflects what they are required to pay players, regardless of player and team performance.

  4. A ‘highly influential person in the world of PL football’? What the f*ck is that? It seems like what this bloke knows about football you could write on the back of a match box!!! So much rubbish is being written about Spurs these days. This is because so many people simply don’t see what we’re trying to do. USELESS TOSSERS!!!!!!

  5. You’ve just got to laugh at it all really “dinner with a highly influential person in the PL” what a load of bollocks. Pretty much the same bullshit more or less has been said about Spurs for the past 2 off seasons and look how the team and club in general has improved. I dare say that the same regurgitated bullshit will rear its head again the next off season. Like I said, you’ve just got to laugh especially at the clowns masquerading as professional journalist ITK and the cut and paste merchants.

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