Helplessly witnessing your team lose 3-0 is not a sight anybody on the substitutes’ bench would enjoy, and most players would deal with such a situation by calmly waiting to be called on by the manager to make an impact.

But it seems like the pressure of watching their team being thrashed was, for some Leeds substitutes, a wee wee bit too much to control (puns intended everywhere).

The Peacocks were subjected to a 4-2 defeat at the hands of Spanish side Eibar during their last pre-season friendly in Austria yesterday.

While Thomas Christiansen’s men did come close to ending the game with a draw, the 3 goal deficit incurred during the first half was difficult to overturn, and another late goal by the Spaniards sealed the final result.

And while Leeds players were working hard to win the game, a perfectly-timed picture captured their substitutes relieving themselves in the bushes along the sidelines.

Check out the hilarious picture below –

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  1. You’re clearly not a Leeds fan. Why would you wish to expose the club to ridicule if you were? This is a non-story, and quite unnecessary. You obviously aspire to write shiite for redtops like the Sunday Sport.

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