Whether it’s on the field or off it, certain rivalries never seem to simmer. This clip of a Chelsea director taking sly dig at rival teams Arsenal and Liverpool very aptly corroborates the fact.

In an event yesterday, David Barnard, Chelsea’s director, pocked mullocks at the two clubs while talking to the press who also burst into laughter after hearing his gags. Having started off his comment with the numerous changes in coaches, David tried to brag about the 15 trophies that they’ve won under Abramovich.

He didn’t stop there though, as he then mocked Arsenal for their failure to much trophies in the recent memory, whereas Liverpool’s failure to win the Premier League ever since its inception wasn’t spared either.

Each of the jigs were met with resounding guffawing from the media and the video clip has gone viral online, sparking rage from the rival section of the fans. The Blues faithful though, are having a gala time watching this.

There’s no denying Chelsea’s surge to the upper echelons of the league since the advent of the Russian tycoon’s ownership, while on the other hands Arsenal and Liverpool could only come close in terms of their league positions at best. Trophies remain few and far between.

David Barnard just had the cheek to put it so bluntly! Video via @BreatheChels, check it out below –

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  1. This epitomises Chelsea.
    Yes, a club with ZERO history that has only won trophies because a corrupt oligarch has out-spent all his rivals pumping over a BILLION pounds into the club on debt and transfers to attain trophies. But Chelsea are still a million miles away from Arsenal and Liverpool in trophies won. They only have 6 titles in their history. They have been RELEGATED 6 times also. This is how ‘small’ they actually are. David Barnard is the absolute flagship for a rancid club that is despised throughout the globe, have destroyed the careers of many of the world’s great young talent by buying them young with absolutely no intention to ever incorporate them into their first team, but to sell on for a profit, absolutely zero development of their own English talent, still retain the most abhorrent racist fans in Europe, and remain financed by a man who’s acquired wealth has been investigated and is still being investigated in Russia today. This is Chelsea. A blub that has no past or tomorrow, but only thinks about its today without any class or soul.

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