(Video) Liam Gallagher reveals how badly he wants to see Leeds come back to the Premier League

It’s been a while since Leeds United last plied their trade in the Premier League. Quite a while indeed, yet the fans haven’t given up hope of watching them grace the top tier again. And after what Liam Gallagher said last week during a program, it only adds more substance to it.

The former Oasis lead singer poured his heart out when he appeared on the Radio X show with Chris Moyles. Gallagher vehemently expressed his desire to watch Leeds United playing in the Premier League again, something which the Leeds faithfuls later echoed on the social media.

The West Yorkshire outfit have made some serious business in the transfer market this summer, for they very well know the fans are getting at the end of their tether. Just like Liam Gallagher.

Check out the video below –

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