Pic: The incredible rise in West Ham’s social media following after Chicharito’s arrival

Gone are the days when the only criteria to sign a new player was how well he would gel in the club’s system. Big signings aren’t only decided in terms of the footballing value the player may add to the team, but also on the basis of how well they can be marketed, and how influential can they be in the eyes of the fans.

West Ham played well on this factor, as they sealed the deal to sign Mexico’s baby-faced hero Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez from Bayer Leverkusen.

The £16m transfer fee already sounds like a bargain for a player who has had the experience of playing with European giants like Manchester United and Real Madrid.

To add on to the delight, the Hammers have seen a tremendous surge in their social media following recently, thanks to the huge popularity Chicharito has accrued over the years.

The analysis was done by KPMG’s Football Benchmark, as they posted a line chart showing West Ham’s social media following in 2017 over the three major social media channels – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A mammoth rise can be seen in July, around the time when Chicharito was signed.

The fans are happy about the club gaining popularity worldwide, and after having signed quality players like Chicharito, Arnautovic and Zabaleta, they will hope that the Club finishes in the Europa league zone in the table next season.

Check out the chart below –

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