It is not a rare sight to see fans trying to troll players associated with their rival clubs, but things get really interesting when they receive a befitting response for the same.

A Manchester City supporter decided to try his luck at one such attempt to mock United legend Ryan Giggs during a verbal face-off caught on camera following a train journey recently.

As fellow passenger Giggs got off the train at Stockport station, the City fan whipped out his phone and asked him if he’s off to look for his brother’s missus again!

Not one to take jibes hands down, Giggs responded by asking the fan: “Are you going to your council house?”

The entire incident, apart from being hilarious, stands as a grim reminder of an embarrassing episode of the former United midfielder’s life, which is otherwise better known for an illustrious professional career that he can proudly boast of.

Check out the incident below –

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