(Video) Kieran Trippier would absolutely love the vote of confidence from fellow Tottenham teammate Jan Vertonghen

Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-0 friendly victory over Juventus was marred by a nasty injury to right-back Kieran Trippier, who now faces two weeks on the sidelines.

It comes as a huge blow for Spurs as the 26-year old had cemented his place in the starting XI following a string of impressive outings last season.

And his importance to the team can be summed up by the recent comments from teammate Jan Vertonghen.

The Belgian was full of praise for their fullback as he pointed out Trippier’s rise to prominence in the team.

Not only did he eulogize his defensive skills, but also acknowledged his contributions from the attacking front, case in point the cross to Harry Kane in the match against Juventus.

The centre-back also revealed how Trippier can become a “main man” for the Lilywhites.┬áCheck out the video below, the bit on Trippier comes towards the end –


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