Pic: Sky Sports player graphics has Arsenal players looking like a 90s hit boy band

Gone are the days when the team line-ups were displayed to viewers simply by flashing player names. Now we have actual graphics of players emerging, with some players trying to look confident, some smiling and some pulling off an awkward pose.

And Sky Sports appears to have taken this trend a bit far, as Arsenal’s line-up graphics before their match against Leicester City went viral online for hilarious reasons.

When the names of Hector Bellerin, Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka and Alex Oxlade–Chamberlain popped up on the screen, the image looked like a boy band auditioning for X-Factor.

Even Bellerin found it funny as he tweeted the image (see below) and wrote – “Album coming soon..”

Arsenal came out as winners against Leicester City in their opening game of the Premier League. The Gunners were chasing for majority of the game but late goals from substitutes Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud were enough to secure the 3 points for them.

Check out the Sky graphics (via @CapableOfFlight) below –

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