(Video) Rangers fans had a mini pitch invasion after Alfredo Morelos early goal v Hibernian

The sheer euphoria that runs through a football fan’s body when their favourite club scores, just cannot be matched. Be it at the comfort of your own house, or from the stadium, if your team scores, you are bound to shout at the top of your voice, and throw a couple of punches in the air to celebrate.

But sometimes the elation overpowers people to the extent that they start doing things that are downright crazy.

Rangers fans were caught up in a similar situation when they decided to invade the pitch after Alfredo Morelos scored early on to help the Teddy Bears go one up against Hibernian in the Scottish Premiership.

The horde of Rangers supporters started celebrating near the corner flag and gave the stewards a hard time after Morelos goal.

It was an upsetting end to the match for the Rangers camp as the game finished 2-3 in Hibernian’s favor.

Check out the scenes after the first goal below –

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