Pic: FIFA 18’s graphics has this Arsenal star looking like Leonidas from the movie 300

The release date of FIFA 18 can’t come any sooner for the franchise fanatics with pre-orders crossing all limits. EA has been promoting the game through image releases and gameplay teasers.

One picture in particular, highlighting Olivier Giroud’s beard has been doing the rounds online. Strangely enough, the usually attractive attacker looks bloated in game.

Electronic Arts has spent a fortune in player details and traits study, yet the new edition seems to be lacking, with Olivier Giroud looking much more like Leonidas from the movie 300.

A month to go till the official release, EA might have to revise the final product once again before the final copies are sold.

FIFA is popular due to its original copyrighted content but it seems not all features are up to the mark. Keeping up with the ever changing styles of football stars has been a headache for the organisation with regular roster and DLC updates to fix issues.

Check out a snapshot (via Reddit) of Giroud in FIFA 18 below –

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