(Video) Tottenham’s Moussa Sissoko got absolutely roasted by this Newcastle fan before the match on Sunday

It isn’t always a pleasant experience for any player to return to their former club in another team’s kit.

Spurs’ midfielder Moussa Sissoko’s case was no different. The French international returned to St. James’ Park this Sunday for Tottenham’s game against Newcastle and was welcomed back in a nasty way.

The ex-Newcastle star was warming up before the match and right when he reached the by-line, a voice echoed saying “Sissoko you’re sh*te”.

Despite this brutal roast, Sissoko had the last laugh as he contributed in Tottenham’s victory against the Magpies. The 27 year old played for 58 minutes and was replaced by Heung-Min Son.

Check out the incident before the match below –

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