Pic: A Rangers fan has actually made a petition to ban Celtic from the Champions League

In a democratic institution, every citizen has the right to voice concerns using peaceful means of protest; and it also goes without saying that every such protest must carry some merit to it for being taken seriously.

A Rangers fan exercised his right to protest peacefully using an online petition seeking to ban arch rivals Celtic from playing in the Champions League. Yes, you read it right.

His plea is based on the fact that the Hoops’ recent 5-0 victory over Kazakh club FC Astana has raised chances of them playing European football this season, and this will help them earn at least £30 million in revenue.

The statement goes on to say that this additional income for Celtic will create disparities between them and all other clubs in Scotland, effectively making the national league a one-horse race.

Needless to say, the Rangers supporter’s cause largely attracted ridicule, despite getting some hundred signatures within a day.

Read the petition below –

3 Replies to “Pic: A Rangers fan has actually made a petition to ban Celtic from the Champions League”

  1. LoLoLoL,The Mutants are All up in Arms.Rest Assured Glasgow Celtic will pay there Tax etc As we Continue Our Dominance Over Scottish Football.Sevconians putting a Petition Together to try and halt the The Green n White Juggernaut.What an embarrassment to our Game The Sevco Hoardes are an Utter Disgrace at the best of Times.Is it any wonder Why this Sordid Brass Necking Entity That claims to be a Liquidated Club is Despised.They were Formed in 2012 Facts are Facts……They try to make out they were punished by being relegated to the lower divisions.Absolute Utter BS.They Are Liquidated.Started Afresh from Third Division…No one likes or Believes Liars n Cheats….HH HWG10IAR

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    1. A Tribute Act to a Dead Liquidated Club.Whose history is All of A few Years Old.There Trophy Room is nothing more than a Museum to a Dead Club that cheated cheated cheated and Borrowed Borrowed Borrowed And Still they can never Better Glasgow Celtic.Killed there Club attempting to Better Celtic.Now look at them,Desperately trying Anything to Stop the HooPs…..Long May They Suffer,Endure the Pains of Our Success,HH the Glasgow Celtic…..

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  2. Its just not fair how Sellick can dominate Scottish Footbalk and rake in millions,And hump us everytime they play us.We did bump our Queen of Millions and we did cheat for years but its all Celtics fault.If they hadnt won the Euripean Cup in 67 and reached another European Cup Final.And did 9 in a Row.Rangers wouldnt have had to cheat to attemot and Better Them.So blame Celtic for Oldco Rangers Downfall.And the sellick players Goading our Support everytime they score against us.Celebrating in front of us RainJurZzz supporters.Every Bear needs to sign that petition to stop Them getting even betterer than they already are.Dave King needs to spend a couple hundred million to compete with that Club from Parkhead.

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