(Video) Leeds fans are going to absolutely love this quote from Thomas Christiansen post Sunderland win

With everything that Leeds United have gone through in the last few months, unflinching loyalty is all they need to keep their ship afloat this season. Fortunately, they have just that in their manager Thomas Christiansen.

The Peacocks boss was asked about the possibility of striker Chris Wood finally leaving to join Premier League side Burnley after his side’s 2-0 victory over Sunderland yesterday.

Confirming Wood’s imminent exit, Christiansen said his team has place only for those players who are willing to play for the team, as “These are my players and for them I die!”

Provided the club’s recent history involving former boss Garry Monk’s shocking exit, followed by this story of Chris Wood’s transfer worth £15 million now, this passionate quote from the manager will definitely augment his status when he is remembered as a club hero someday in the future.

Watch Christiansen’s amazing reply below –

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