Pic: A Liverpool fan doing the unthinkable after getting spotted checking out gear in the Everton shop

Liverpool versus Everton, which is known to divide families and friends, has seen the maximum number of dismissals in Premier League history, clearly highlighting the hate between the two neighbours.

The stakes have never been higher with Everton investing near £150 million this summer and Liverpool making a return to the Champions League.

The Reds have dominated this fixture in the past two seasons, winning 3 out of the 4 fixtures. However, Everton fans are bullish about their chances this season, with many believing that Ronald Koeman will finally make them come good against their rivals.

And it seems all the positivity associated with Everton nowadays has started affecting the Liverpool fans, as a Reds supporter was spotted checking out official merchandise in the Everton shop.

Check out the picture (via @MainManMori) below –

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