Pic: Arsenal fan gets a brilliant Olivier Giroud tattoo but there’s just one problem

It is a known fact that some fans can go to any extent to show love for their favourite football teams and heroes. But, it is also a known fact that such displays of loyalty can sometimes backfire as well.

A die-hard Arsenal fan similarly did the ultimate by getting his arm inked with a tattoo of Gunners striker Olivier Giroud recently.

But, while this image should have been widely circulated for simply being stunning, it ended up going viral for a wrong reason, unfortunately.

The tattoo of Giroud celebrating one of his goals depicts him in Arsenal’s old Nike shirt showing O2 as sponsors, a famous kit that the club used previously, and one that Giroud has never played in.

Giving the fan some benefit of doubt, it was probably just an attempt to remember the good old days of glory, when Arsenal were, undoubtedly, the best club in England.

Check out the tattoo (via @Sam49AFCZ) below –

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