Pic: A Rangers fan might have gone a little overboard with his complaining over the new Celtic ads

An absolutely mental clash in Kazakhstan ended in Celtic’s favour despite them losing 4-3 to Astana, as Brendan Rodgers’ men won the tie with an aggregate score of 8-4.

The big victory for the Hoops has secured them a place in this season’s UEFA Champions League group stage, which also promises over £30 million in prize money, TV revenue and sponsorship.

Not surprisingly, Celtic have been extravagant in celebrating this moment, and their act of blowing their own trumpet has, again, not surprisingly, caused much discomfort to a few fans across town.

Spotted on a popular Rangers fan forum, an angry Gers supporter actually went a wee bit too far with his rant to let people know about how wrong Celtic have been in putting up large hoardings all over Glasgow that read: “This is how it feels to be in the Champions League”.

Read the complaint (via @Madbhoy75) below –

Text via followfollow.com –

“In all seriousness, this is the sort of thing you would see in North Korea or some South American dictatorship. It is propaganda and bribery by another name. In, Iraq Sadaam Hussein had thousands of statues erected which bore his figure, the same thing happened in the old Soviet Union with Lenin and Stalin.

They have real delusions of grandeur, everything is huge size and plastered and designed to delight some and enrage others. I have contacted Arnold to see if Celtic have broken any commercial rules or sports transactions. It really does depend on WHO permitted this to go ahead. In all seriousness, these images are contentious as political or religious parades as they evoke such strong passions among many.”

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  1. Celtic – a fucking pub team of the highest order. If that’s the best Jockland has to offer then they shouldn’t be allowed to send anything more than a bastard tiddleywinks team into Europe.

    Football north of Carlisle = a complete and utter joke.

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    1. Get it up u sevco rat ur team is dead and we are partying in champions league and enjoy the billboards u zombie and eastenders while we are partying in the champions league lol

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    1. Aye Roaster is that how one of your top teams in the vastly overrated EPL could only manage 2 draws against Celtic last season in the Champions League and were massively lucky yo get out if Celtic Park with an undeserved 3-3 draw, do pub teams score 4 goals against your best teams in England over 2 legs ? Clown

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      1. guys the clown shos “slacker s ahun!1 nothing surer english lads dont you ghat shit talk complete irrelevant fool much like his wee diddy team!! on the actual article these people are halfwits but also dangerous well i n numbers utter scum nothing good there at all!! Anyway fellow Tims great being A CELT IN WE DO WELL IN THIS GROUP WE FEAR NO ONE!! WE ARE CELTIC A GLOBAL ICONIC CLUB!! ONE THE GREATEST BEST SUPPORTED CLUBBS ON THE PLANET FACT!! EVEN THE OLDO DIRECTOR HUGH ADAM TOLD THE ORCS THIS IN 2002 WHILE LETTING THEM KNOW THET WERE MERLEYA “WEST OFSCOTLAND NOW THERE NOTHING!!! HAIL HAIL “WE BE HAVING A PARTY IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GLASGOWS GREEN AND WHITE!! FACT!

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  2. “Wee diddy pub league”
    Well, let’s see how far the diddies from the EPL go with the hundreds of millions they spend. None will get past he quarters, and atleast one won’t even get out of the group.

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  3. Ragin Hun ragin about billboards. Probably went home and took it out on his toothless sister/wife.
    Celtic can afford advertising. The Huns have to rely on the daily record to fit their adverts into the form of news articles (see recent stories about match tickets and steward jobs…unpaid of course).
    Only one club has had players complaining about humans rights…

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