French international Georges-Kevin N’Koudou joined Spurs last season from Marseille. And it would be safe to say that the 22-year-old hasn’t exactly had the best of times at Tottenham after struggling for game time under Pochettino.

The young winger expressed his opinion on Tottenham’s Champions League draw by tweeting about the apparent ‘Group of Death’ Spurs have been placed in.

The tone of his tweet was encouraging, reflecting that he was ready to take up the tough challenge his team was about to face. But, to his surprise, the tweet got criticised by Spurs fans on Twitter. So much that he was later forced to delete the tweet.

It is unclear as to why N’Koudou’s remarks were taken negatively by the fans, but an incident that took place early this year could have been one of the reasons why he faced the condemnation.

Story via, check out a screenshot (via @RossiT99) of the deleted tweet below –

  1. He can’t be naive enough to believe that Spurs fans will believe that he meant strong with a skull emoji when he is using the correct emoji in the correct context just a few spaces later can He?

    1. Why all the fuss?

      It’s a tough group for everyone. I highly doubt that Real and Dortmund are thinking “wow, the third seeded team we got is only Spurs… that’ll be easy”! A “Group of Death” is a”Group of Death” by don’t of the fact that all the teams in it are “relatively” strong [sic.] and not because one of the teams is completely out of its depth – then it would be the “Group with One Team Completely Out of its Depth” group. The problem here is that a lot of Spurs fans are reacting as though when folk say the former they are really saying the latter. They aren’t. Spurs fans are transposing their feeling (or fear) that it might be the latter onto the former, when they hear it.

      He hasn’t said anything wrong here. Spurs fans need to stop with the negative and defeatist about this and start realising that Group of Death means RM and Dortmund have got a bloody tough draw and not a walkover!

      Good luck Kevin, hope you can help us attain the success that might eventually alter the defeatist mindset of so many Spurs fans. There is a reason for it, the club has been through relatively tough times since our chairman, Irving Scholar, nearly bankrupted us in the early 1990’s. That led to a loss of status, a loss of standing and the constant goading of rival fans revelling in this. This, in turn, has created an extremely negative mindset that leads to fans interpreting things negatively. Maybe with continued improvement they will begin to realise we are actually quite good now – and improving. This is a tough group for everyone and calling it The Group of Death shouldn’t mean singling us out. Get behind the lad rather than picking at every little thing he says with your negative myopia!

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