So now is the time to sell him whilst we …

Comment on (Video) Emre Can dished out a filthy piece of skill during Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Hoffenheim by Billious.

So now is the time to sell him whilst we have the chance. If the shitbag wont sign a new contract send him to play with the academy or just bench him till the end of the season. I can’t stand players like him Remember MacManaman doing the same thing.

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It’s shit.

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Typical Blueshite idiots. Unlike some people Trent realised even at aged 6 he was clever enough to realise what a crock of shit Goodison park was.

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You just can’t count on the Blues**** to do us a favour, all they had to do was defend for 90 mins and get the draw.

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Would be great if the link worked,

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Just hope the fans involved are banned and Everton fined and sanctioned