Best sports bars & pubs in New York showing live Arsenal matches

Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in the world and has a presence all around the globe. Even in a country like USA where football isn’t the most talked about sport.

Fans of the British club in New York will be delighted to know that they can have the experience of watching an Arsenal match with a community. New York has some of the best sports bars in the States. Here is a list of names:

1. The Blind Pig, Manhattan, New York

233 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

The best in New York when it comes to sharing a pint of beer on a Gunners matchday. You can expect the Manhattan pub to be full house on the day of an Arsenal match. With hordes of Arsenal supporters, one will surely feel at home when a Gunner puts his name on the sheet.

2. O’Hanlon’s Bar, Manhattan, New York

349 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003

O’Hanlon’s Bar is one of the best places in New York to go and enjoy an Arsenal match with fellow Gooners. The Great Irish Bar is right in the heart of the East Village serving a wide range of beers.

3. Woodwork, Brooklyn, New York

583 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

The Brooklyn based bar has everything that you need from a soccer bar: real fans, real food, and real beer. They also open early in the morning if there’s any game.

4. Barleycorn, Manhattan, New York

23 Park PI, New York, NY 10007

With a big screen for match days, Barleycorn offers an enjoyable experience for an Arsenal fan In New York. The Manhattan bar has been a part of the Arsenal NYC community.

5. Highbury Pub, Brooklyn, New York

1002 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218

As the name suggests, Highbury Pub is inspired by the location of the previous Arsenal Stadium. While the bar is a Brooklyn Arsenal supporters club, fans of other teams are also welcomed.

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