(Video) Tottenham fan gets manhandled by stewards for standing up during Swansea game

Absolutely disgraceful crowd management at Wembley

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for Tottenham fans at Wembley, it did. During their match against Swansea, an unexpected event took place when stewards at the national team stadium took down a Spurs fan for standing up.

The seat occupant was dragged away from scene by ground units and ousted from the stadium. The surrounding home section appealed to the authorities for their dismal behaviour but their complaints fell on deaf ears.

Football often seems to get the better of spectators with emotions overflowing at every sharp turn of events but to mitigate them with an iron hand is surely unwarranted, especially at Wembley which is regarded as one of the best places to watch the game.

Check out a video of the incident below –

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  1. The Stewards were heavy handed but the guy had been spoken to at length before the incident, by the same steward taking him down. He refused to sit down saying when the rest sat down, he would.

    This situation will see us actually arguing and fighting with each other because the Club decided to place season ticket holders from PL and Paxton together. The Club have already stated that they will look at the standing option and it will hopefully arrive when we go back to N17. Until then, excitement makes a lot stand up but sitting three rows from the front beggars the need for standing.

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  2. You’ve got his totally wrong. I was in the next block and saw this happen. As SF said these people were warned but refused to sit down. They were at the front so because they were standing people behind couldn’t see the game. Where a whole block is standing fair enough but same thing happened at Chelsea game a few rows in front of me. The whole block was sat down except for two idiots who refused to sit despite a lot of people asking them to. They just turned round and smirked. So if you don’t want to get chucked out just sit down. And please report accurately in future.

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  3. However the Wembley stewards are poor.
    Very concerning the very laid back patting down of members coming into the ground especially at the moment. My Dad got in with a full bottle in his jacket after being ‘patted’ down. Plus anyone could take things in because you are not fully searched.

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