(Video) Arsenal players indulged in a little warm up routine at an unusual time during West Brom win

Arsenal went back to winning ways and climbed up to the seventh spot on the points table with a 2-0 win over West Brom at the Emirates last night.

The Gunners went 1-0 up after Alexandre Lacazette notched a header into an open goal in the 20th minute.

Their lead looked to be on a shaky grounds though, as West Brom soon reorganized themselves and caused all sorts of problems.

With concerns of West Brom securing an equalizer in the second half, Arsene Wenger tried to refresh his players to bolster them up and prevent that from happening.

The Gunners were made to carry out a little warm-up routine by shuttling around cones as they made their way to the pitch following half-time.

It is not very usual for teams to warm up again during half-time and fans were duly surprised after seeing it happen live on TV.

But it looks like their efforts paid off as an improved Arsenal went on to secure all three points with another goal, thanks to Lacazette’s penalty in the 67th minute.

Watch Arsenal players warming up just before the second half below –

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