(Video) Paddy Power dropped one of their finest editions of #FanDenial after Rangers’ 2-0 loss v Celtic

Betting giant Paddy Power are certainly no stranger to controversy with the Irish bookmakers having a notorious reputation for winding up fans, clubs, players and managers alike with brutal savagery on numerous occasions.

The latest edition of #FanDenial, a series meant exclusively for trolling the losing side of each weekend’s biggest game saw Rangers come under the attention after their 2-0 loss to Old Firm rivals Celtic last week.

In what could be termed as a most brutal execution of professional trolling, the video sees the bookmaker deliver punch lines over and over again; all poking fun at the Gers fans with regards to their social media updates, their gestures and faces during the course of the match and their general frustrations.

The hilarious yet brutal video also features the likes of WWE stars Sheamus and Cesaro at the beginning.

Check out the video below. Rangers fans, better look away!

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