(Video) Celtic fans absolutely loved Scott Brown waving goodbye to Rangers fans during 2-0 win

The Hoops secured their sixth win in the last seven derby encounters against Rangers after second-half goals from Tom Rogic and Leigh Griffiths were enough to see them through at Ibrox on Saturday.

Few players relish such moments of utter dominance as much as Scott Brown does, and the Celtic captain let Rangers fans know about his exuberance during a moment in the match.

Adding on to an already simmering atmosphere, Brown was seen rustling the home crowd and was spotted waving goodbye to them.

The veteran midfielder is known to be very vocal about his thoughts, and this savage gesture at Ibrox is certain to sit with Celtic fans as one of his most memorable moments for a long time to come.

Check out the moment below –



5 Replies to “(Video) Celtic fans absolutely loved Scott Brown waving goodbye to Rangers fans during 2-0 win”

  1. Broony putting in some PR for the Sevco Hoardes.Just a wave Goodbye is so sportsmanlike.Im surprised nae Sevconians reported him to the Police.After all trying to get the Captain of our Great Club banned.It shows just how low these Cretins will stoop when nothings going there way.Oldco must,ve been turning in there grave,Yet Again at This brand new kid on Oldco Club trying to get them back were they think they belong.Bit hard when there isnt any EBT or a Bank daft enough to entertain the Myth that just Lingers like a Watery Fart…..Sevco The Only Club,EVER!!!To be allowed to start there Story down the divisions and blatantly insist they are actually a Liquified Dead Club.That dont do Walking Away.Yep They Do Blatant Neck Brassing and They wont surrender a dead Clubs Tainted Titles that have absolutely no bearing on Sevco,s History as theyre all of 6 years old.Only Team to Claim GoinFor55 in 6 Years.lolololol…..No other club in World Football has ever achieved such an achievement as 55 Titles in 6 Years.That alone gives you an insight into the Hun Mentality.The Men that run Sevco are Nothing more than Criminals Fraudsters etc….Same lot that were at Oldco and no Real Fan even thinks to ask,How on earth can they mve on with the same Crazies at the Helm.Long they they Endure…..HfH

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  2. Celtic fc.A rancid organization that harbours paedophiles.No acknowledgment of the hundreds of young lives ruined by the monsters who were given free reign by Jock Stein and others.Penn State never came close to this scandal yet nothing done.A Club for all?

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