(Video) Liverpool launch special edition merchandise featuring an incredible Liver Bird illustration

The rarest Liver Bird among them all

In what have been 125 glorious years of Liverpool football club, various versions of the winged cormorant have donned on the club’s official jersey. The latest being a stunning creation by a Hong Kong based designer.

Featuring past accolades, iconic individuals associated with the club and the best of Kop moments, this Liver Bird is engraved with them all in an extremely intricate design pattern.

The classic Liver Bird shape persists in the background, however it is not strictly adhered to in order to achieve the three dimensional property of the masked foreground pieces.

An ingenuous attempt to showcase their rich history, the tactical genius behind this special piece needs to be lauded. Only a limited edition merchandise, it is sure to generate a lot of interest from the Reds fans across the globe.

Check out the detailing on the Liver Bird illustration below –

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